Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love of the game

Baseball is not my game, but I respect it. I understand why people are into baseball. Having played ball in school, I certainly understand the players' love of the game. And that is what you get to experience at a independent league game; you feel their love of the game. They play their hearts out, hoping for a break, not making much money, and loving it.

Last night the Gateway Grizzlies played the Evansville Otters. It was a hitter's delight, 24 between them both. Not that the pitching was poor, it wasn't, these guys were just connecting like crazy. We were right on the third base line, and in Frontier League parks, that means you're just a few feet from the action. Even for someone like me, who usually finds watching baseball to be slow and tedious, when you can watch the players' faces, hear their chatter, feel the energy as they round third and their disappointment as the pop fly that was lost in the lights is miraculously caught, well, the game takes on a new angle. It's like you're part of it. It makes you love the game.

If you've never been to an independent league game, or a farm club series, find one near you and spend the evening in fun and amazement. There's games, raffles, sometimes music, give-aways, the food and beer is cheaper, (BTW, the food at the the Grizzlies home, GCS Stadium, is way above average. Get the pulled pork or pulled chicken nachos, yum!) there's stuff for the kiddies to do, and of course team swag to buy so you can share your new-found passion. You won't be disappointed.

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