Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering Dan Fogelberg

It's been a year now since Dan Fogelberg passed away. While he was always my favorite artist and a tremendous inspiration, I was quite shocked at the affect his death had on me. It came at a time when my emotional balance was already precarious. I retreated. As in the past, I sought refuge in music. My guitar once again became my best friend, and in my solace I resumed writing. I'd only played and written occasionally for some years; as I often put it, life got in the way. But when I wasn't playing, I was only part of myself. I didn't realize that until I came back to it. This all may have happened, as fate sometimes does, without the tragedy of losing Dan Fogelberg. But somehow, someway, it feels connected. It was the push over the edge. My own "Loose Ends".

One moonlit evening in June, playing on the back porch, this song crept to life. It ended up being a tribute to the man I admired most, to whom I owe so much. Many blessings, Dan. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you and I feel the same way about Dan...and about life for that matter. His music has been the soundtrack for my life for over 25 years. Not one significant memory in my life does not have a song of his that accompanies it. Sometimes I get so angry at people who pigeon hole his music to the four songs that they use to define him....Same Old Lang Syne, Run for The Roses, Leader of the Band, Longer. While I have loved those tracks over the years, they are not a clear definition of Dan's depth of gifts.
Thank you for this beautiful tribute you've written. I can actually hear your connection to his soul, and therefore you are connected to mine as well. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Can I ditto the first comment here about Dan Fogelberg!! He has been my fav artist since the very first day I ever heard his music..some 30 years ago. I too hate that he is defined by the masses by those particular songs-when the guts of his works are so tremendously well-crafted musicla works of art!!! I try to console myself that only us special people who got to know Dan's music beyond the hits, were meant to hear it and we are soso fortunate--i truly cannot fathom living without Dan's music in my life!! Long live Dan's legacies!!