Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dan

This time last year I was in Peoria, making friends, watching the river, singing The Reach with unexpected harmony and surprisingly good red wine. This year on Dan Fogelberg's birthday, I'll be at work, listening to his posthumous release, "Love In Time" on my lunch break.

Most people don't understand why I still cherish Dan's music. Maybe they get why I'm into Neil Young, the Beatles, the Eagles, Poco, Jackson Browne, Son Volt, Wilco or the Jayhawks. Chances are they have never heard of John Gorka, Pierce Pettis, Michael Fracasso, Peter Bradly Adams or Richard Shindell. There's a golden thread that runs through the whole lot, it's honesty, pain, harmony and heart. It's love unrequited and lost; it's stories of darkness and light, of nature and spirit, of hope against hope and love again found. It's the way the songs make you feel, what they bring out of your soul. Not everyone will understand, but for the few who do:


Carolina said...

You're right; it is a day to celebrate someone who touched many of our souls. Thanks for such a nice blog entry.
Let it shine ...

Anonymous said...

I too, love Dan's music! As much today as in the 30 plus years I have been fortunate to have enjoyed all his musical gifts!! Its hard to describe the feeling I get listening to his music--no other artist has ever grabbed me and held me in awe like Dan's music.I doubt any other will fill his shoes... It is true-some people just "get it" and that "it" is very, very special. Happy Birthday Dan and thanks for all the amazing gifts of music you left us. I am still saddened by his passing. So , cheers for another Dan fan!! May we keep his music alive!!! Ever On, Lin