Friday, October 05, 2007

Great Grape Escape

Autumn is a great time for wine. Okay, for me anytime is wine time, or whine time for that matter. Mostly I whine about not having more time for enjoying wine. But with a week of vacation coming up soon I plan on taking full advantage of the situation. Clean the house, sip a lttle wine, pull up the tomato plants, sip a lttle wine, play guitar, sip a little wine, bubble bath, sip a lot of wine..... nap. Ahhhh. Better than that, (how anything could be better than wine and napping, I don't know) I just bought a new camera and I'm itchin' to put it through some paces. It's waterproof, so who knows what could happen? So many toys, so little time. Shoot, that was a whine. Sorry. No whine, just wine. And naps.

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