Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring is more than a promise

When I look at the calendar I feel like spring is almost gone. Never mind that it's still arriving. Saucer Magnolias are stunning right now and my Virginia Bluebells are carpeting the shade garden in hues periwinkle and sky. Sweet man that he is, my husband picked handfuls of daffodils and hyacinth from the yard, just to cheer my day. I'd like to clear my date-book, chuck out all meetings, all responsibilities, all plans, and just live the evolution of spring. Take a sabbatical. Stare at the sky. Drink coffee on the patio and watch the birds feed. Drive to the mountains to witness the retreat of the snowline. Sit by the river and feel it swell up to my toes. Learn from Mother Earth. Breathe the quiet stars. Step away from the clock, away from the calendar. Enjoy the spring before its gone.

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