Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Rain

Hyacinths are blooming, perfuming my yard, my doorstep and my house. Their fragrance astounds me with its delicate beauty and endless reach. It wafts on the breeze through my bedroom window to soothe my fitful dreams then gently wake me before the sunrise. It is a scent that instantly brings a smile to my face and calms my soul.

Many years past, on a trip to Arkansas, in a strange little shop, I found a lotion called Spring Rain. I bought the shower gel and lotion as a vacation treat. Road weary, my husband and I pulled into the cheapest motel we could find in the driving rain. It was clean and quaint, a crackerbox with not much more than a bed and a shower. After a long day, any shower is welcome. The Spring Rain was heavenly. I'd never smelled anything like it. I felt restored, soothed, calm and peaceful. Outside the rain had slowed to a drizzle. All the motel dwellers had opened their doors, breathing in the scent of the fresh earth. People sat out front visiting with strangers, watching the rainbow brighten and fade. We joined them, then walked down the street and ate the best catfish ever fried. The moon lighted our path home through the puddles and the cool night air. A magic moment, a miracle day. Still, every time I use Spring Rain, I remember that day and feel that same sense of calm, the same feeling that the hyacinths bring to me. The beauty, the smile, the peace, the promise of spring.

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