Saturday, February 16, 2008

I knew the bride when she used to Rock 'n' Roll

Sometimes it's hard not having kids. People seem to be waiting for an explanation. With women having babies later and later in life, well-meaning friends tell me there's "still time." Uh, no. Truth is, outside of when I was about four years old, and then a very short window of time in my early 30's, I've never wanted to have children. The maternal instinct just sort of passed me by. I have a niece, I have friends with kids, they're great and I love 'em, but it's not my gig. Maybe I'm too selfish, maybe I'm too bi-polar, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. About the only instinct I've ever felt strongly throughout my entire life is the need to be creative. And what is creativity if not a birth of sorts? Writing, painting, drawing, photography, gardening, cooking and especially music; the outcome of this, these are my children. But unless you are some famous, childless artist or rock star, people just don't get it. Not everyone can be rich and famous; not everyone should have kids.

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