Monday, January 28, 2008

Free stuff for the garden

All the seed catalogs are on my couch. Or my desk. Or the kitchen table. Or in the bathroom. The first one rolled in before Christmas, White Flower Farm. It's not only great product, but a damn good read. Probably my favorite catalog. Unfortunately for the WFF folks, Gurney's has a big ol' $20.00 "No strings attached" coupon right on the front page. Henry Fields will give me $25.00 worth of stuff free with a $25.00 purchase. And Gardens Alive! has $25.00 of "products absolutely FREE!" How can I resist? After all, the buy 1 get 1 free thornless blackberry brambles I bought from Henry Fields have produced for at least 12 years now. Yummy. Gardens Alive's beneficial nematodes rid my garden and lawn of cut-worms and bad grubs. Gurney's basil seed has kept us all in pesto throughout many a year. Hey, if they want to give me free stuff, I'll take it. And thank them profusely.

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