Monday, January 21, 2008

Where is my snow?

It has only snowed once so far and January is almost over. People who pooh-pooh global warming obviously should rethink things a bit. Today it is supposed to give us a dusting. So far all I hear is a tinkling of sleet, not even enough to cancel a class. You hear people my age talking all the time about how when I was a kid we had SNOW! Schools were closed, roads were impassible, we had to walk 6 miles both ways to the sledding hill and daggummit we LIKED IT! But seriously, there was more snow. Piled higher and dropping more often. White and fluffy, wet and sloppy, powdery and fine. I loved it. There is nothing more magical than a walk in the snow. Everything is so muted and quiet. The wonderland spreads before you, landscapes change before your eyes as the wind shifts the drifts and swirls white to cover your tracks. You are alone. It's holy. Oh, where is my snow?

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