Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Stars Align

Sometimes you just have to wait for the stars to align. For years I have lusted after the Martin of my dreams. I even wrestled with the emotion, the guilt of desire for excess. It just made me want it more. After a trip to Nashville landed me in Gruhn's, I knew it was coming on time.

The D-41 haunted me. I played D-28's. No. Tried D-35's. No. Tried other body styles like jumbos, 00, 000; no, I am definitely a dreadnought kinda gal. And the only one that would do is a 40 series. (Okay, the D-28 Marquis Madagascar was pretty darn cool, but still....) Like a woman obsessed, the shopping in earnest began. Craig's List, eBay, brick & mortar, shops all across the US with web presence, I stalked them all. The longer I looked, the more extensive the list of qualifying factors became. Maybe it was an unconsciously vain attempt to exclude myself from the market. Maybe I'm just picky. Fate intervened.

Somehow, a guitar I saw on Craig's disappeared. Then, a month later it turned up on eBay. The economy sucks, and a luxury instrument is a hard sell right now. It didn't go. This was a sign. Friday I'm driving across the state to play it. If all goes well, and I believe it will, it's coming home with me. My mid-life crisis just got a little more manageable. The stars are about to align.

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