Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wilco makes me a happy girl

Wilco made me one happy girl Saturday night. Or maybe it was the Tanq & tonics..... no, well....okay, it was both. Even without those refreshing beverages, Tweedy and company played the best I've ever seen them. Perhaps I was temporarily blinded by a stray reflection off a spangle on Jeff's Nudie suit, perhaps it was still a residual high from Friday's acquisition road trip, but the night was transforming. From Misunderstood through an unexpected encore played after the house lights had already come back up, Wilco just plain rocked. No matter that the band's home base is Chicago, St. Louis fans will always claim Tweedy as their own, so every show has that homecoming audience vibe. The crowd sang and shouted along, the older the song, the more hearty the participation. Oddly, for once I did not come out of the show saying how they didn't play this or I wish they'd played that. Not that every song I wanted to hear was covered, not even close; it just did not occur to me. I was so....... satisfied. That doesn't happen very often, I'm usually just too jaded for joy. It's nice to be a happy girl.

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